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On this page are links to several resources that I’ve pulled together over the years that may be helpful to new writers. You can let me know what you think of them in the Comments section. You can also post questions about writing that I will answer. In addition, I’ll update this page as I develop new materials.



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3 thoughts on “Tips for Writers

  1. Hi Angela,
    I am a playwright living in New York City, writing about a family’s struggles rebuilding their lives three years after Hurricane Katrina. In my visits to New Orleans, I have been as upset, confused, and disturbed as you seem to be by the inexcusable absence of infastructual restoration, and the overall lack of progress that haunts the city. I, as well, am at a loss, and through my writing, hope to express the urgency of my questions, even though I’m not counting on an answer to be found.

  2. I am a poet and short story writer and I came through Katrina and landed in Houston, TX. I am also amazed at how the city of New Orleans is still waiting for someone to care about it enough that just some of the basic things it needs can become a reality. I am working on a poetic expression about my Katrina experience with hope that just like Michael Hilton some of my questions will be heard. In my case, I’m expecting an answer from the very people who are there still “wading in the Water” for help. God bless.-Tmg

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